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Our economy is changing, as are the methods of acting, viewing, speaking and managing in the business environment. Each of us individually and collectively must face up to the new challenges of growth, innovation, the environment, consumption, social links, governance… At ESCEM, our desire is to accompany you on this journey. By centering our teaching and mission on strong values of Commitment, Integrity, Curiosity and Humility, we hope to shape our graduates into managers who will contribute to changing the world by thinking outside the box. Knowing how to listen to and make the most of differences, supporting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and opening up to different cultures and other ways of acting and believing, are the keys that will help to give meaning to our action. Our programs, accessible to people of all ages, will enable you to share a different vision of management with our 13,500 graduates, 2,800 students, 67 full-time faculty and 400 partner businesses. What drives us today, as it did in the past, is the desire to offer a new approach that is both humanist and pragmatic that we know is essential for the balance of our economies and this through our projects and strategic direction but also our curricula and areas of development. 8 good reasons to study at ESCEM : Accreditations ESCEM is one of France's leading business schools, accredited by Equis and AACSB International which proves the quality of its educational programs and faculty. Programs taught both in French and in English ESCEM offers semester or full year programs in either French or English at undergraduate or graduate level. French as a foreign language is offered to all international students with two classes each week. English-taught programs have been operational on the Poitiers campus for over ten years and welcome domestic as well as international students, the staff and faculty are experienced in providing services for students who speak little or no French. An insight into France France educates more international students than any other country after the USA and the United Kingdom and with ESCEM's English-taught programs offers the double advantage of studying in English in a non-English speaking, European country. You can practice your French, or learn the language from scratch, gain insight into one of Europe's largest States, and visit one of the most diverse and interesting regions in the world. Team work and group projects ESCEM's pedagogical approach focuses on team work and group projects. Thanks to the diversity of the student population, you will also learn how to cope in multi-cultural situations, negotiate with classmates and faculty members from all around the world and exchange opinions with students from very different backgrounds and cultures. Tours and Poitiers, cities of history The two main campuses are situated in the beautiful cities of Tours and Poitiers, both regions are famous for their history, cuisine, vineyards and 'art de vivre'. Paris and other major French cities are easily accessible by high-speed train or by car on the highway system. London is only 1 hour from both Tours and Poitiers on low-cost flights. ESCEM's values and culture Back in 2002, ESCEM instilled 4 key values into all its activities, whether they be pedagogical or extra-curricular. Humility, Curiosity, Commitment and Integrity are woven into the curricula of all our programs and the students are encouraged to undertake projects incorporating these values and adopt appropriate behavior on and off campus. Sustainable development is one of ESCEM's key areas of expertise and conditions the school's identity and culture. Corporate social responsibility and green business are the focus of much of ESCEM's research output, these notions are integrated into many of the programs and courses on offer and eco-efforts are visible throughout the school: motion detectors manage the lights, recycling bins are available at every corner for paper, plastic and glass and students and staff are encouraged to participate in saving energy and other resources. Student life Student life is organized by the students for the students: international students have the possibility to participate in a variety of student-run activities, cultural events, trips and sport - competition and just for fun, as well as evening entertainment and social events. The welcome team Aloha and the...


École Supérieure de Commerce Et de Management - Campus de Tours, Rue Léo Delibes, Tours, France

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