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International Academy of Naples for Business Technology and Professional Arts


Here we are, you have recently finished your high school exams and have decided to continue your studies at the IAN Academy.
Whether you are attracted by the vibrations of the city, the educational offer, the sea, good food or simply leaving the house where you were born and raised to experience life in another part of the world, study in Naples is exciting, and even more so from off-site.
IAN Academy was born in Naples, with the mission of favoring the global study and internationalization of professional training in order to meet the worldwide standard requirements of preparation to the career. We prepare future global leaders and professionals for the transformative programs and worldwide changes. Our world-class Experts, trailblazing practitioners, and global network of alumni, partners, and local startups power us. Explore the opportunities and implications of new technologies and connect to a global ecosystem that is shaping the future world of work.
Today the IAN is proud to be represented by outstanding faculty members and graduated students, who are offering us their expertise and impact. IAN’s excellence in the fields like Fashion Design with the support of Hitaka, one of the most important firms for the Fashion Projects, Hospitality and Tourism Management supported by the MAVV (Faculty of Agraria) and Professional Courses takes inspiration from professional and personal experiences of our Associated Companies, professors, staff of management who generated a unic mix of traditional teaching and innovation systems for cultural and cross-cultural trends development.


When to Submit:

Applicants should submit necessary documents well in advance of commencing date of chosen course. It should be at least 20 days before.

How to submit:

Applicant must fill in necessary application forms, make ready attached documents as per list provided and submit at authorized Agent service counter or send via electronic means.

Who may submit:

1) Applicants
2) A staff member of organization that accepts the foreign, national or proxy decided by the criteria of
eligibility and regulation board.

The following persons may complete the application procedure (submit the application form, etc.) in lieu of
the applicant.

  1. The legal representative of the applicant
  2. A member of interest corporation whom the director of the IAN Academy deems to be appropriate (in cases pursuant to a request from the applicant or the representative of the applicant).
  3. An attorney or administrative scrivener who has signed the IAN Agreement, to which he or she belongs, previous allowance to the director of IAN Academy or any other IAN membera which has interest over the area where such association or administrative scriveners’ association is located (in cases pursuant to a request from the applicant or the legal representative of the applicant).

Education Criteria

Diploma Pass Requirements:

Must Obtain 40% for your home language
Must Obtain at least 50% for four other High Credit Subjects
Must Obtain at least 30% for two other subjects

Master Pass Requirement:

Must Obtain at least 40% for your home language
Must Obtain at least 40% for English
Must Obtain at least 30% of the remaining subjects

Vocational Pass Requirement:

Must Obtain at least 40% for your home language
Must Obtain at least 40% for English
Must Obtain at least 30% of remeining subjects
English Language Requirements for Studying in English at IAN

You have a Certificate:

B2 or equivalent
B1 or equivalent 160 h to 360 h (obligation to submit B2 Level certificate by the end of first year of studies)

Per equivalenti it is included:

• IELTS 6.5 (6.0 reading and writing)
• Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English: Grade C
• Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English: Grade B
• TOEFL internet: 90 (22 reading, 21 writing)
• Trinity Certificate: Level 10th class

If you finished school with the English language as the medium of instruction you don’t need to take any
additional exam.

If you don’t have certificate of English you will be interviewed via smart-meeting and you will have the
possibility to join one of the language courses.

Necessary Documents:

• Passport copy
• application form
• Educational Transcripts
• Academic References
• SoP
• English Proficiancy Accredited Certificate or Certificate of English medium of instruction
• Any other relevant documents such as recommendation letter, awards, publications, work contracts,

The documents should be available in English version
The documents should be sharp and clearly scanned

Any other supportive documents may be required by the admission committee during assessment.
The supporting documents should be submitted within 48 hours of time.

How to fill in: Refer to your authorised representative or to a member of IAN Admission office
Office hours for the public: 9:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 weekday.

For more information on office hours or days of week for specific application procedures, refer to your
authorised representative.

Screening Criteria:

The activities to be engaged in while at IAN Academy stated in the application must not  be false, and must be related at least to one of the activities described in our board of study programs.
The education type and level must be under those designated by the Ministry of Education or equivalent  official organization in your Country as well as your civil status or position described in the application form.
Standard procedures duration: 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

Shengen Resident Rate Requirements

The Department of International Affairs will only pay for in-Shengen Enrollment Fees Charge. The Students  maintains financial responsibility to pay additional out-of-state net charges not covered by the IAN Academy.

For Detailed requirement about each course check out our programs

University Name in Local Language

Accademia Internazionale di Napoli per la Tecnologia Aziendale e le Arti Professionali

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