Program Title

BA Hospitality Management

Program Duration (Months)


Study Modes

Full Time

Educational qualification required for admission

Higher Secondary School

Admission Criteria

Admission to the Bachelor’s degree

Application Materials

a) Application form, duly completed

b) Declaration, on oath, that the candidate does not hold the Portuguese nationality;

c)Higher Secondary Examination certificate, including grades (Document certifying the holder of a qualification obtained in the origin country, may entitle the candidate to apply for admission in that country’s Higher Education, with classifications). This document must be recognized by a Public Portuguese High School

d) Document certifying the completion of the exams equivalents to students admitted under the general regime of admission and accession in terms of their level and contents tested, as well as with the respective classification;

e) Document certifying the level of knowledge of Portuguese or English according to the language used in the course the applicant is applying for;

f) Copy of the passport or another legally equivalent document;

g) Passport-type photograph;

If the diploma’s language is not Portuguese nor English, an official translation into one of these languages must be offered as well.

Program Description

Objectives and Programme Content

. To conceive, organize and implement hospitality products and services adapted to the clients’ interests, habits, attitudes and expectations.

. To organize accommodation and catering spaces, planning all the logistics associated with those spaces, planning and managing all its ambiances, uses and functional articulation, as well as the workflows and human resources.

. To operationalize the commercial policy, particularly conducting market research studies.

. To evaluate the service’s quality.

. To execute management and administrative activities, considering the articulation of internal organizational processes and coordinating resources.

. To execute human resources management activities.

. To conduct effective communication with the client, speaking and writing different languages.

Why choose this course

Tourism is one of the most dynamic economic activities worldwide. This activity drives important contributions for regional economic development, with a significant impact on employment creation. Estimates indicate that tourism activity will increase 19.6% until 2025. In this context, it will be increasingly required for the Portuguese hospitality industry to be more authentic, respecting high standards of service quality. This evolution represents a challenge that can only be met by improving the human resources skills regarding customer service, management, entrepreneurship and business development.

If you have interest in the management area, in the tourism area (resorts and residential tourism, catering and restoration, health and wellness, golf and leisure); if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership potential; if you want to have a professional activity of social nature, where communication and service to different audiences and different cultures is a daily need; if you enjoy welcoming visitors or customers in a pleasant way, providing comfort, allowing them quality services with which they feel comfortable; or if you intend to have education and training in an area with a high rate of employment, then this is the ideal course for you!

Career prospects

This Bachelor Degree prepares the students for a management career in the services area. During this degree, the students will be provided with tools to apply human resources, management, and leadership knowledge and skills acquired during the classes to enhance performance as employees and team members, as well as to contribute to the management of a hospitality enterprise. The students are expected to become Hospitality Leaders, Hospitality Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Management Specialists in a variety of enterprises related to the Hospitality industry. Our graduates within the labor market will be able to assume supervisory and management positions, such as General Director, Human Resources Director, Marketing Director, Public Relations in any area of the Hospitality Industry (Hotel and Restaurant, Rural Tourism, Health care and wellness facilities and Golf and Leisure).

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Program Level
Medium of Instruction


Annual Tuition fee Non-EEA


IELTS Requirement


Application Deadline
  • 25/06/2021 12:00 am - 10/08/2021 12:00 am Ended
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