Program Title

BA in Dance

Program Duration (Months)


Study Modes

Full Time

Educational qualification required for admission

Higher Secondary School

Admission Criteria

Necessary documents for the application (all courses) *

When filling out your application you will need to upload the following documents:

  • Copy of passport or Foreign Identity document ;
  • Declaration on honour, that the candidate does not have Portuguese nationality and is not covered by any of the defined exceptions
  • Diploma demonstrating knowledge of the language in which the teaching will be given corresponding to level B2 in accordance with the CEFR or declaration issued if they are going to attend the Portuguese as a foreign language course (students native to Portuguese speaking countries are exempted);
  • Other documents may be requested by the organic units.

Undergraduate courses:

  • Document proving the completion of Portuguese secondary education or equivalent or, the necessary and sufficient qualification for access to higher education in the country of origin, duly certified by the competent authorities;
Program Description

The course offers training focused on practice and artistic experience, with a view to developing students' technical, creative and performing skills, with the purpose of leading them to individual autonomy, the ability to work in teams and the ability to perform with responsibility.

The idea is also to stimulate reflection and contextualization of artistic practice, on the basis of developing educational sensitivity and the ability to act positively in the community.

The study programme objectives include:

1 - Training interpreters/creators of Dance, with the theoretical and practical skills as well as techniques required by the professional artistic and contemporary fabric - creativity, autonomy, ability to analyze research and reasoning.

2 - Developing pedagogical and methodological skills necessary for creating artistic awareness projects with non-professional communities, young audiences and in a school setting.


In this 1st cycle, the dominant professional profile is that of interpreter/creator as understood in contemporary terms:  a 'performer' with artistic independent, technical and creative expertise in terms of improvisation and choreographic composition that is, at the same time, holder of theoretical, research and reasoning skills. The idea is also to get the training process to be implemented with the greatest possible closeness to the professional field.

The trainee of this 1st cycle will also acquire the necessary skills to develop artistic awareness projects in non-professional contexts (for young people, in a school setting, or otherwise), and, therefore, we intend to maintain and deepen the relations of cooperation that we have with the schools offering classes in grades 1 to 4 in our geographical area.

Scientific Areas

The study programme is based on three major scientific areas which, among themselves, combine knowledge and skills leading to autonomy and professional success, motivating students to learn and to remain constantly updated.

Scientific Project Area

The aims are to develop skills in autonomy, initiative and achievement, as well as the ability to promote interaction with the professional arts environment and with the community, through concrete projects.
It is intended that the student may have concrete experiences with implementing projects, both in the artistic domain and in the educational or community realm.  To such an end, students must know and master all its stages, from creating and reasoning to production, implementation and dissemination, using contemporary technical and technological means.

Program Level
Medium of Instruction


Annual Tuition fee Non-EEA


IELTS Requirement


Application Deadline
  • 15/02/2021 12:00 am - 28/05/2021 12:00 am Ended
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