Program Title

Master Bologna in Engineering and Data Science

Program Duration (Months)


Study Modes

Full Time

Educational qualification required for admission

Higher Secondary School

Admission Criteria

 The applicant must provide all the documents mentioned in the Regulation, as well as a motivation letter referring to the selected course or study cycle. To complete the application process it is necessary to submit the following scanned documents as PDF files:

  • Recent photo;
  • Up-to-date CV;
  • Identification document/passport;
  • An official academic transcript that you have completed secondary education or equivalent in the country of origin, with final average and proof of access to higher education exams;
  • Official academic transcript records of bachelor degree and Diploma with final average;
  • Document certifying the applicant’s Portuguese language level: B1 level in Portuguese Language and complete the B2 level until the end of the first year of the degree (only applicable to 1st cycle candidates);
  • Statement Under Oath191.4KB, that the applicant does not have Portuguese nationality nor any other country nationality that is member of the EU and fulfils the requirements needed for the Access and Admission category for International Students;
  • Bank transfer slip of the payment for the application fee.
Program Description

This master's degree aims to train specialists qualified to approach and solve problems using methods and techniques from a wide range that constitutes Engineering and Data Science. It is also intended to initiate students to research in this area, providing them with the capacity to grasp the most recent advances and techniques, an extremely important aspect, as it is an area of ​​enormous dynamism, with a high pace of innovation, requiring its practitioners a high capacity for updating. This training will also prepare students to pursue a research career, whether in an academic environment or in research and development groups in Engineering and Data Science, nowadays increasingly common in companies of various sizes.


  • Train specialists with solid skills in a subset of the disciplines that integrate Data Engineering and Science qualified to address and solve a wide range of problems in data acquisition, management and processing and in information extraction, analysis and visualization.
  • Enable students to integrate work teams, which are typically large and with some heterogeneity and multidisciplinary, including specialists with different specialization profiles.
  • Initiate students to research in Engineering and Data Science, giving them the ability to learn the latest advances and techniques and to update their knowledge throughout their professional lives.
  • To familiarize students with practical problems and applications, in which data engineering and science techniques and methods are employed, whether in a business, service and industry environment or in applications of a scientific nature.


Graduates can apply, preferably in the areas of mathematics or statistics, engineering, finance, economics or management, or in related fields, provided they have basic training in statistics, algebra and programming.

Professional Opportunities

The interest of companies and organizations (private and public, with or without profit) in various topics of Engineering and Data Science has been growing exponentially. The business community is well aware of the enormous economic/commercial value of information and its use as a differentiating element between competitors, in what is often called business intelligence. The financial sector also increasingly uses techniques and tools from Engineering and Data Science, not only to support and assist strategic decisions but also in many other applications, from credit assessment to algorithmic-based stock exchange transactions (algorithmic trading ).

Data Science is also an essential area of ​​modern computer and communications security, with the consensus that only techniques that allow dealing with and analyzing the huge volumes of data flowing in modern communications networks and the Internet will allow to predict and identify intrusions and other security threats.

Along with (and essentially due to) this huge interest, there is an increasing number of job opportunities in this area, both abroad and in Portugal. Large international companies, such as Amazon, eBay, IBM, Cisco, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Microsoft, Netflix and many others, are actively looking for and hiring large numbers of specialists in Engineering and Data Science. This trend is also followed in Portugal by large companies, such as EDP, BNP Paribas, Delloite Portugal, telecommunications companies (both equipment manufacturers and operators), among many others, as well as by a rapidly growing number of technology startups with activity in this area.
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Program Level
Medium of Instruction


Annual Tuition fee Non-EEA


IELTS Requirement


Application Deadline
  • 05/04/2021 12:00 am - 10/07/2021 12:00 am Ended
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