Program Title

MPhil in Artistic Heritage, Conservation and Restoration

Program Duration (Months)


Study Modes

Full Time

Educational qualification required for admission

Graduate degree

Admission Criteria

Admission to MPhil's

Application Materials

a) Application form, duly completed

b) Document certifying the ownership of a Higher Education qualification, together with the final classification

c) Detailed description of the curriculum plan of the Higher Education qualification

d) Document certifying the level of knowledge of Portuguese or English according to the language used in the course the applicant is applying for;

e) Copy of the passport or another legally equivalent document;

f) Passport-type photograph;

g) Curriculum Vitae

h) Recognition of the academic qualifications for the Master Degree

Program Description

The MPhil in Artistic Heritage, Conservation and Restoration aims to provide students with a deepening of the acquired skills, thus promoting the continuity of the training. This course articulates solid scientific knowledge with practical situations in the work context offering individualized, multi and interdisciplinary training. It is, therefore, closely linked to the professional reality, in these areas of knowledge that are constantly changing, and updating is a constant need. It offers specializations in several areas of research, proposing student participation in projects that are based on innovative partnerships, fostering critical reflection in scientific research in Artistic Heritage, Conservation and Restoration. Its association with Tourism projects can be an innovative element in the valorization and safeguarding of Heritage.

Why choose this course?

This MPhil programme articulates solid scientific knowledge with practical situations in the work context, offering individualized, multi and interdisciplinary training in areas of knowledge that are constantly changing, enhanced by the progress of research and daily praxis. The updating of knowledge is therefore a constant need that is imposed on any professional of the heritage. The theoretical themes are about valuing the heritage and its authenticity in order to enhance the application of ethical principles, especially in the criteria for intervention and safeguarding the heritage. It also values research on the impact of tourism on the protection and safeguarding of heritage both in museums and in cities. It intends to develop basic skills in the design, implementation and evaluation of research projects in Artistic Heritage and Conservation and Restoration in order to develop the decision-making and technical capacities, in a process that aims at the increasing autonomy of the masters.

Career prospects

• Central, regional and local government bodies

• Archives, Museums, Libraries and Galleries

• Companies or organizations of technical consultancy in conservation and restoration of the patrimony

• Institutions and companies active in the areas of Tourism

• Specialized companies in conservation and restoration

• Companies specialized in heritage study and valuation

• Private groups active in the areas of dissemination and intervention in heritage

• Creation and/or development of own company.


-To deepen knowledge in the area of Artistic Heritage and, in particular, the Conservation and Restoration of movable goods;

- Develop skills for individual and autonomous work as well as teamwork skills;

- To know theoretical knowledge that allows the approach to new questions and to the resolution of problems placed in the conservation and restoration, in its safeguard and in its valorization;

- To deepen research methodologies for the design and realization of research projects, within the scope of Artistic Heritage and Conservation and Restoration;

- Develop project management and leadership capacities in the different research and service sectors.

Program Level
Medium of Instruction


Annual Tuition fee Non-EEA


IELTS Requirement


Application Deadline
  • 25/06/2021 12:00 am - 10/08/2021 12:00 am Ended
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