Program Title

MSc Clinical Podiatry

Program Duration (Months)


Study Modes

Full Time

Educational qualification required for admission

Graduate degree

Admission Criteria

Admission Requirements

  • Completed secondary school;
  • Document certifying that the candidate has a national exam of Biology in its education system with the minimum mark of approved in order to substitute our national access exam of Biologia e Geologia, and the respective contents*

*if you have not taken the test you can do it in the institution.

Application Documents:

  1. Application form; (available to the candidate at the moment of application)
  2. Statement for non-European Union students; (available to the candidate at the moment of application)
  3. Passport copy;
  4. Diploma or certificate of academic qualifications of access to higher education, with the respective classifications and contents*;
  5. Document issued by a competent authority stating that the qualifications, which the applicant has, allows the access to higher education in the country in which they were conferred*;
  6. Secondary education diploma legally equivalent to the conclusion of the Portuguese secondary education*;
  7. Certificate of training in the Portuguese language for evaluation of suitability, when applicable;
  8. Certificate of residence abroad;
Program Description

The Podiatry Clinic is a speciality of Podiatry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a series of systemic repercussions within the human body on the foot.

This speciality covers the current metabolic pathologies of the human body with repercussions for the foot, allowing professionals to deal with foot pathologies in a healing and preventive way.

During this cycle of studies, students should come to understand human physiology, the systemic, vascular, neurological and endocrine pathologies, the pathophysiologies of ageing and of pain, in order to recognize and treat the various changes in the foot and their repercussions, using conservative surgical and pharmacological techniques.

Master’s students will have the opportunity to deepen their theoretical knowledge, acquire practical laboratory experience, and experience a real work environment, such as in clinics, health centres, hospitals and Multidisciplinary Diabetic Foot Unit, among others.

The Master's degree in Clinical Podiatry (120 ECTS), whose outline was published in the Diário da República, no. 119, of 23 June 2009, with the Notice no. 11271/2009, is intended to provide health professionals already in practice or graduates wishing to pursue their activity in health care, with specific theoretical and practical training that complements their basic training, update their knowledge in specialized areas of Podiatry, including aspects related to the foot and the patient. It also aims to fill a gap in the real knowledge needs of professionals, as well as providing professional skills that complement the technical expertise with new working concepts and methodologies for the development of Podiatry Science.

The latest developments in the health system, in general, and all Podiatry-related activity, in particular, reinforce the relevance of this course.

From this perspective, the goal of the present Master’s, in accordance with the Bologna process, is to promote excellence in professional practice and to be a source of innovation, quality, and accuracy, which are the trademarks of this institution.

Academic Degree

Polytechnic Education, Master's Degree, 2nd cycle of studies leading to the acquisition of a Master's degree, ISCED Level 5.

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Annual Tuition fee Non-EEA


IELTS Requirement


Application Deadline
  • 06/03/2021 12:00 am - 13/09/2021 12:00 am Ended
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