Program Title

MSc in Clinical and Health Psychology

Program Duration (Months)


Study Modes

Full Time

Educational qualification required for admission

Graduate degree

Admission Criteria

Admission to the Master’s degree

Application Materials

a) Application form, duly completed

b) Declaration, on oath, that the candidate does not hold the Portuguese nationality;

c) Bachelors degree, including grades (Document certifying the holder of a qualification obtained in the origin country, may entitle the candidate to apply for admission in that country’s Higher Education, with classifications). This document must be recognized by a Public Portuguese High School

d) Document certifying the completion of the exams equivalents to students admitted under the general regime of admission and accession in terms of their level and contents tested, as well as with the respective classification;

e) Document certifying the level of knowledge of Portuguese or English according to the language used in the course the applicant is applying for;

f) Copy of the passport or another legally equivalent document;

g) Passport-type photograph;

If the diploma’s language is not Portuguese nor English, an official translation into one of these languages must be offered as well.

Program Description

Programme Content

The Master in Clinical and Health Psychology aims to contribute to the professional development of psychologists, in accordance with the international guidelines established by EuroPsy, the European Certificate in Psychology, and the Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses, in order to standardize training and the access to the labour market, both in Portugal and Europe. This cycle of studies comprises 120 ECTS and a duration of 2 years divided into 4 semesters, corresponding to 60 ECTS each year and 30 ECTS each semester. Under the defined syllabus, the Master in Clinical and Health Psychology includes:

a) An organized set of twelve courses, distributed among different scientific areas, which correspond to 60 ECTS, equally distributed by the 1st and 2nd semesters;

b) A scientific dissertation to which corresponds to a total of 30 ECTS, that will be developed in the 3rd and 4th semesters;

c) A supervised internship corresponding to a total of 30 ECTS, that will take place in the 3rd and 4th semesters.


The Master in Clinical and Health Psychology aims to:

- Plan and construct a research project, selecting, according to the study objectives, the methodology of data collection and quantitative and/or qualitative data analysis, and applying data analysis procedures, namely statistical tests or content analysis, depending on the characteristics of the data;

- To evaluate the psychometric properties of instruments of psychological assessment;

- To deepen and apply knowledge regarding the main theoretical constructs inherent to the cognitive-behavioural, humanistic, psychodynamic and systemic models and to the different skills, attitudes and strategies of intervention used by the therapists of these different theoretical models;

- Apply the theoretical principles inherent to each model in the analysis of cases and in the planning of intervention objectives and strategies;

- To develop adequate ethical reasoning, making use of the Code of Ethics of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists;

- To master psychological assessment procedures and assessment interview skills in different psychopathological disorders and different health settings, taking into account their specificity of use with children, adults and in geriatric settings;

- Prepare psychological reports;

- Plan psychological, health, stress and coping interventions in the context of illness and pain and in the promotion of well-being and quality of life;

- Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the interventions.

Why choose this course

The Master in Clinical and Health Psychology aims to guarantee the continuity of training for graduates in Psychology; compliance with the directives emanating from the European space for training in psychology; and also the development of competencies that enable professional practice and favour the mobility of psychologists in European space. In order to promote the skills needed to develop effective responses to the demands of the labour market, this cycle of studies offers training that links the transmission of solid scientific knowledge to practical and real situations of work contexts.

Career prospects

The Master in Clinical and Health Psychology allows the professional practice, namely in:

  • School groupings
  • Scientific Associations
  • Recreational, cultural and social associations
  • Municipal councils
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Commissions for the Protection of Children and Young People
  • IPSS
  • Psychotherapeutic and Counseling Offices
  • Hospitals, clinics and health centers
  • Community intervention projects

    Program content

    The MCHP aims to develop students’ knowledge regarding scientific research methods, different models of psychological intervention, and the use of psychometric instruments. Similarly, it aims to promote the acquisition of skills that enable students to understand, predict and assess individual disorders and imbalances, and to promote personal development and adaptation in different contexts of psychological intervention in the health and clinical domains.

Program Level
Medium of Instruction


Annual Tuition fee Non-EEA


IELTS Requirement


Application Deadline
  • 25/06/2021 12:00 am - 10/08/2021 12:00 am Ended
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