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ISEG- Lisbon School of Economics & Management


ISEG, the School of Economics and Management of the Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa) is one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious universities of Economics and Business Studies in Portugal.
School offers 8 doctoral programmes, 7 Bachelors degrees, 20 Masters degrees, 6 Doctoral programmes, 1 MBA and 28 executive programmes.
The school has approximately 4,700 students, 10% of which are foreign students from more than 50 nationalities.
Outstanding professors and research centres place ISEG at the forefront of economics, management and finance, with a significant number of publications in the most important academic journals in those fields.
School has produced the largest number of Economics and Management alumni in Portugal among all other business schools.

Mission & Vision

ISEG’s mission is to create, share and enhance the socio-economic value of knowledge and culture in the fields of Economics, Finance and Business, through an approach based on plurality, the guarantee of freedom of intellectual and scientific expression, and respect for ethical principles and social responsibility.


Officially founded in 1911, ISEG’s history goes back to the “Commerce Class” (Aula de Comércio), which was created in 1759 by order of the Marquis of Pombal to provide a secondary level education in technical and commercial activities.

Leadership & Governance

ISEG’s leadership team ensures the anticipation of new trends and the adaption and response to contemporary challenges while fostering a collaborative, multi-cultural, and open-minded environment for our students.


ISEG is part of Universidade de Lisboa, the largest and most prestigious university in Portugal and one of Europe’s leading universities, with a community of over 50,000 students.


Admission conditions

1.  To be admitted for the Bachelors Study Cycle at ISEG, international students must demonstrate, accumulatively that they:

a)    Have an academic qualification in the subject areas of the Study Cycle for which they are applying;

b)    Possess the level of knowledge of Portuguese or English that is required to attend this Study Cycle.

c)    For candidates from foreign education systems where the provisions of Article 20-A of Decree-Law No. 296-A / 98, of the 25 th of September apply, based on proof that they have passed the entrance examination mentioned above.

d)    When the candidate has an academic qualification for which the provisions in the previous points do not apply, they must present documentation to prove that, during their school education, they passed the exams for the curricular components that include the subjects covered by the above-mentioned entrance exams.

Documentation to be presented on application:

  • Identity document (Citizens Card/Passport);
  • Higher Secondary School/Undergraduate degree conclusion certificate with final average grade;
  • Grade transcript with full list course list and grades
  • English or Portuguese** language proficiency certificate (minimum level: B2 1TOEFL 70, IELTS 6.5 ) for candidates for English or Portuguese degrees (except for candidates from Portugal, those from the Portuguese-speaking countries, and Brazilians).  ***
  • Motivation letter;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Photograph.

Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Rua do Quelhas, Lisbon, Portugal

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University Name in Local Language

Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa)

Student Life

Library services

An ideal space for study and research, the library provides online databases, reference works, periodical publications and business reports.

Campus life

Spanning over 10,000 m2, the premises of the Porto Business School were built based on the latest international classroom and interactive technology models. A space that is open 24/7 to students, businesses and teachers.

  • 21 classrooms
  • 1 Auditorium
  • 1 Amphitheatre
  • Library
  • Angle Coffee Shop
  • Try Restaurant
  • Canvas (Shop)
  • 48 workrooms

In the heart of the city of Lisbon

The ISEG campus is located in the centre of the city of Lisbon, between Lapa and the Assembly of the Republic, to where it moved in 1911 – when the old Convent of the English Bridgettine Order was expropriated and ceded to the Instituto Superior do Comércio.

Open minds for a better world

ISEG has been organizing a vast cultural and social program, with the involvement of teachers, non-teachers and students. The involvement of the ISEGuian community aims to recognize and value the importance that culture has in a university institution, alongside teaching and research, with a spirit of great openness to innovation and creativity.

Thanks to partnerships with different entities, the School offers an unconventional cultural conviviality space, conducive to the creation of a spirit of sharing multiple and enriching experiences, which reinforces, on the one hand, the sense of belonging to the ISEG community and, on the other, opens doors to the outside community.

Our commitment, with a spirit of great openness and seriousness, is based on sharing our spaces for cultural activities and our knowledge for meetings and discussion forums, the development of projects and voluntary and social support actions, as is the responsibility of any university institution that trains and prepares future decision-makers in economic and business life and, at the same time, future citizens with values ​​that the school has transmitted to them.

Culture & Sports

There’s more to university life than work and study. Take advantage of all that ISEG has to offer, from live concerts to art courses and sports activities.


In addition to academic life, ISEG promotes various other activities with the aim to encourage a love of culture in the academic community. These activities include music, fine arts, literature, theatre, book reviews, and thematic debates among others. Highlights of the programme include classical music concerts in partnership with Antena 2 radio channel, with concerts being broadcasted live.

Student Clubs

Feel the diversity and energy of ISEG community. ISEG has various associations which exist to enrich school life, promote its culture, and build relationships between its many diverse individuals and groups.

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21 hours ago
Lançamento conjunto do Master in Law & Management pela FDUL e ISEG, nomeação do ISEG aos prémios Marketeer 202, publicação do Índice de Confiança de Março, entre outros.

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24 hours ago
Esta semana, sê produtivo e persegue os teus sonhos. Mas por precaução, leva um café contigo #dicadasemana #lifeatISEG
3 days ago
Presidente da República recebeu esta semana no Palácio de Belém Mário Centeno e Clara Raposo.

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4 days ago
"Se as transformações do capitalismo global tornaram centrais os circuitos da logística, o incidente do Ever Given voltou a mostrar que estes continuam suscetíveis à ocorrência de trombose" - Alexandre Abreu, no Expresso.

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5 days ago
FDUL e ISEG lançam em conjunto Master in Law & Management.

Vem dar resposta à procura do mercado por profissionais com capacidade para abordar problemas numa perspetiva interdisciplinar, aliando o Direito e a Gestão.

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6 days ago
Prosseguimos com o nosso “Student’s Corner”, hoje com o texto de opinião de Pedro Oliveira, alumni de MAEG e membro da Tuna Económicas, sobre a importância da Cultura.

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