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Nova School of Business and Economics


What we stand for

We understood our role from the very beginnings of our journey. And, for the past 40 years, we have committed to participating in the positive transformation of our world.

As the world continues to change, we will continue to adapt to its multiple challenges. As the challenges continue - we will stay true to who we are.

We believe we have a commitment to every single person who continues to wonder, discover, create. To all those who keep trying to improve themselves and create a meaningful impact.

We believe we should support those who strive to be better: to do better as people, professionals, leaders and as citizens.

Tomorrow as with yesterday, we are a school with a role to play. A role we cannot avoid or delay. We will offer a space to all those who believe in our ability to do better - curious minds and resilient souls. Space where ideas and ideals can flourish safely, freely.

We are a community of world citizens who want to improve people's lives and in doing so, prove our collective potential to keep growing. This is our test and our ultimate driving force.

To be a community dedicated to the development of talent and knowledge that impacts the world

To be an open community focused on the development and co-creation of innovative projects. A meeting point to societal forces around the world.
To develop top talent through degree and non-degree programs, generating cutting-edge knowledge, both academic and applied.
To establish a culture of impact, based on our graduates’ achievements, for a more equitable, sustainable and peaceful world.
To spread this footprint beyond Portugal, reaching Europe and the world.

We were born out of disruption.
We were born to disrupt

Over our 40-year history, the school has become the top brand in higher education in Portugal, namely in the areas of business, economics and finance.

This success is explained by our focus on a rigorous and demanding approach to teaching and research; our efforts to become more and more international; and by our naturally bold and vanguardist culture.

Today, we are fully committed to growing internationally. The Bologna reform, and the subsequent opening of the European Higher Education market, created an opportunity for new brands to emerge in Europe. That is where we see ourselves and how we’re positioning ourselves for the future.

Student oriented. Collaborative. Advanced.

Whether you’re arriving from high school or are already an executive student, our job is to help you reach your goals. We value cooperative work and community experiences. We offer the most advanced technologies for you to assess your progress and go further. Our mission is to let you become all you wish to be and create positive change in the world.


International Students

A system designed for international students who want to access to the degree of Licenciado: 1st cycle or an integrated master's degree that fulfil the following conditions:

1. If you do not have Portuguese nationality;

2. If you are not a national from a Member State of the European Union;
3. If you are not a Family member of Portuguese or nationals of a member state of the European Union, regardless of your nationality;

4. If you are not legally residing in Portugal until the 1st of January of the year in which you intend to enrol in higher education for more than two years, continuously, and if you are not family of foreign citizens that hold a resident permit for more than two years;

5. If you are a student that is not a beneficiary, on January 1 of the year in which they intend to enter higher education, with the status of equal rights and duties attributed under the international treaty granted between the Portuguese State and the State of which they are nationals;

Required Documents:

    • A motivation letter stating why the candidate is interested in completing the semester and/or what is the reason for wanting to take a Bachelors/Masters degree after the successful completion of the SPU semester;
    • A recommendation letter (optional)
    • A document attesting the completion of high school. In case of not having finished high school at the time of application, the candidate must submit an official declaration from the school attesting when the candidate will be finishing high school
    • A transcript of records with a full list of courses and corresponding grades. In case of not having finished high school at the time of application, the candidate must submit the transcript of records (with all the courses and respective grades) completed at that time*:
    • A copy of your passport
    • A document certifying your language level for English and/or Portuguese
    • A document demonstrating that the payment of the application fee was made. After submitting the online application, the candidate will receive an email from the International Relations Office acknowledging that the documents were received and providing instructions for enrollment fee payment

Nova School of Business and Economics, Rua da Holanda, Carcavelos, Portugal

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Student Life

Campus life

Nova SBE will be the home to the most innovative way of learning, sharing, and growing in Europe. As such, the 90.000 m² campus of Nova SBE stands out as an idyllic scenario for a learning experience like no other.

Student clubs

The Students' Union strives to provide students with a better academic life, defending their interests, promoting activities and events that can meet their ambitions.

Student services

Whether you’re arriving from high school or are already an executive student, our job is to help you reach your goals. We value cooperative work and community experiences. We offer the most advanced technologies for you to assess your progress and go further. Our mission is to let you become all you wish to be and create positive change in the world.

Housing services

Enjoy the stimulating environment that Nova SBE has to offer. There are 122 brand new rooms on campus for Nova SBE’s students. The accommodation is operated by MILESTONE, an experienced premium student housing provider.

Lisbon is an amazing city to live in: while wandering the streets, you can clearly see history and modern art merging. There’s a direct connection between the campus and the city center, where life is happening all the time.

Nova SBE has established partnerships with Inlife and Uniplaces so that you can have the best room, at the best price, and in the shortest time, guaranteed.

There are also partnerships with two student residences: Collegiate, in  Lisbon's city center, and Chalet Julia, in Parede, near the Carcavelos campus.

Library services

Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library

  • The library collection, which focuses primarily on Economics, Finance, Marketing, and Business Management, is open-shelved and browsable
  • The first floor houses about 15,000 volumes, mostly in English
  • "Short Loan Collection" and monographs are arranged according to the JEL classification scheme
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